Solar Power in the News

Posted May, 05, 2016


Solar power is contributing to the world’s energy needs. 

Our electrical engineering projects utilizing solar power, from planning, design and implementation in remote communities to large scale feasibility studies in international markets gives us a unique perspective. Renewable energy systems, done right,  can transform communities, industry and the lives of individuals.

Here are a few stories in the news recently about large-scale solar projects around the globe.

From the Guardian: 

 "Tantalisingly close": is solar thermal energy ready to replace coal-fired power?

Australian projects are viable already – now the industry needs investors willing to take a risk on large-scale renewable energy.

Companies working on large-scale solar thermal projects in Australia say they are tantalisingly close to achieving the dream of building plants big enough to replace coal-fired energy in Australia.”


From Climate Action:

"UK solar power overtakes coal

UK solar power generated more electricity than coal for a week, between 3 May and 9 May, for the first time."


From: Cleantech Canada

 "World’s largest coal producer pivots to solar with 1,000 MW agreement

Chinese coal giant partners with U.S.'s SolarReserve, plans to bring solar thermal technology to world's largest market

Chinese state-owned energy and mining company Shenhua Group Corp. has signed an agreement with Santa Monica, Calif.-based SolarReserve that will see the two firms partner on building 1,000 megawatts of solar thermal plants in China."


Hedgehog Technologies creates innovative, pragmatic and environmentally-conscious solutions for the energy industry. Our experience  spans more than 15 years and we have built a reputation as a premium electrical engineering company for energy providers, communities, developers and independent power producers.


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Photo Credit : “Aerial views of the South West Network”, April 2016 by Highways England is licensed under CC by 2.0, edited from original




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