Smart micro-grid helped reduce energy use by 15% in remote BC community

Posted February, 02, 2016

A new way of intelligent energy management was introduced to the First Nations village of Hartley Bay with the goal of helping achieve the Gitg’at First Nations Energy Vision: to be the greenest First Nations community in Canada. This energy vision was achieved by the Hedgehog Technologies team who architected and installed a smart micro-grid and energy efficient system. This system, by Hedgehog (sub-contracted by Pulse Energy), was the first complete islanded smart micro-grid in British Columbia.

Project Date: 2008 –2013
Clients: Hartley Bay, NR CAN - CANMET ENERGY, Pulse Energy Inc.

Location: BC Central Coast The Hartley Bay Smart Micro Grid System comprised of seven components:

  1. Creating a community energy efficiency and demand management strategy;
  2. Installing a real-time energy measurement system to 100% of all electrical loads (Smart Meters) and fuel flow meters to generators for GHG emission monitoring;
  3. Building models and running simulations to estimate the benefit of enhanced control;
  4. Installing high penetration demand response system (Demand Management) and developing installation guides for replacing diesel boilers with heat pumps;
  5. Creating a real-time asset management and monitoring system;
  6. Optimizing generator dispatching and dump load utilization;
  7. Controlling demand based on critical vs. non-critical load weighting strategy. A link was made to match the optimal generation (diesel and run of the river) dispatch efficiency with optimal/acceptable energy demand profiles.

To support the effort, Hedgehog Technologies initiated an engagement program to promote energy conservation amongst the residents. The main user-facing program elements included:

  • Installing smart meters and Pulse Energy Manager
  • Promoting energy awareness in community
  • Providing training to local energy managers

Results: Residents reduced annual community energy use by 15% by using Pulse Energy Manager software to identify energy anomalies, locate operational inefficiencies and ensure persistence of savings.

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