Safety systems ensure reliable operation when you need it most

Posted June, 06, 2016


Functional safety systems

Recently the Hedgehog Technologies team participated in a functional safety design course using  standards IEC61508/ISO13849.

This investment into safety reinforces our focus of delivering high value electrical solutions for our customers and partners while avoiding  risk.

 Functional safety training for electrical engineers elevates project and service delivery because high-value solutions are only so if they mitigate risk.

Here are 3 examples of how our customers benefit from our functional safety training:

  • Focus on hazard identification and risk reduction. We save our customer’s money by identifying the right risks, and mitigating the risks with the right techniques and safety-rated parts. Confidence is achieved through safety calculations.
  • Cradle to grave systems engineering; better results with are achieved by having a team that is able to provide group derived safety functions from hazard analysis .
  • Skilled hazard analysis will ensure the safest system is developed without over designing saving the project costs in all phases from design to commissioning to long term maintenance.

Starting with  Hedgehog founder and principal, Dr Michael Wrinch who is TÜV certified, Michael integrates traditional strategies of risk management with modern technologies. His current focus is on developing safety critical systems.  This focus, is inherent in all project delivery.

Safety training is ongoing and keeps the Hedgehog team abreast of the latest standards in functional safety. Here is just some of what we know:

  • Reducing risk
  • Selecting the correct safety equipment
  • Proper installation of safety equipment (safe distances, proper placement, correct equipment)
  • Overview of the North American Standards (OSHA) and European (ISO/IEC)
  • Correct and incorrect functional safety.

Hedgehog Technologies and Safety: 

Hedgehog Technologies specializes in project management and systems design of high-energy control, manufacturing, smart grid and automation systems.  Our team members are skilled practitioners of functional safety principals for process applications , risk assessment and risk reduction for oil & gas, safety of machines and safety of machinery following standards: IEC 61508 and IEC 61511  for oil and gas; IEC EN 60204-1 – safety of machines;  EN ISO 12100-2010 Safety of machinery and ISO13849. Download our corporate fact sheet. 

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