Microgrids can be more

Posted April, 04, 2016

Microgrids provide resilient power for communities and corporations. Microgrids are  small scale power grids  operating independently or in conjunction with an area’s main  power system. They can reduce energy costs, enhance reliability and can incorporate sustainable renewable power.   

We spotted this article from Energy Manager Today on microgrids and how they need  support the macrogrid if they are to be widely adopted. “Few people argue the value of microgrids. They take the edge off spikes, moderate costs, provide resiliency and, when fed by renewables, are environmentally attractive. That’s all true—but its all on the consumer side. To thrive they must create benefits beyond those directly connected to them. A microgrid would create this broader value if, for instance, it came online to reduce pressure on the macrogrid that is experiencing a usage spike elsewhere.”

Click here for the article: To Thrive, Microgrids Must Help the Macrogrid


About Microgrids: "Microgrids are small grids that are parallel to the legacy grid serving a particular area. They can remain independent and replace the grid for the buildings it servers, act in a standby mode and kick into action if there is a blackout and/or supplement the macrogrid to offer load reduction and resiliency. DERs are assets — such as geothermal and solar power installations — that power to the microgrid. Batteries often are part of a microgrid. They allow brought by the DERs to be saved (sometimes quite literally) for a rainy day."


Hedgehog's work: Our microgrid projects with Powertech Smart Utility Centre,  Hartley Bay and other remote communities have included microgrid design, demand response, microgrid optimization and load balancing work. We create innovative, pragmatic and environmentally-conscious solutions for the energy industry. Our experience  spans more than 15 years and we have built a reputation as a premium electrical engineering company for energy providers, communities, developers and independent power producers.




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