Microgrid implementation set to rise: from remote communities to New York

Posted February, 02, 2016

Our work with microgrid projects has primarily been in remote communities to solve community energy efficiency  challenges and incorporating  demand management strategy. We are sharing this story  about 'How microgrids are positioned for a bright future ' from Energy Manager Today because it   illustrates how microgrids are being utilized to provide energy reliability solutions such as  the example referenced  of a small upstate New York town and a commercial dairy.

From the Energy Manager Today story:

“Microgrids are not just hot in New York. Utility Dive reported this week on a big research effort by GTM Research on the distributed energy. Microgrids – which are systems that provide electricity to campuses or groups of buildings independent of but generally in coordination with the traditional grid – are one of the sectors covered. The story says that the researchers found that microgrids are a bit behind the energy storage market in its evolution. It is doing all it can to catch up, however: GTM expects it to grow 267 percent between last year and 2020, when it will be worth $829 million.”

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