Dr. Michael Wrinch

Dr. Michael Wrinch
Dr Michael Wrinch is a Canadian Functional Safety Professional Engineer and President of Hedgehog Technologies whose expertise is in the design of complex electrical and controls systems.
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Rapid Shutdowns: High Voltage Protection from Solar Panels

Posted: 03, 05, 2019

What happens when someone comes to service your solar powered building, or worse, has to put out a fire or fix a gas leak? The first step is to remove all sources of energy to that location, but it’s not so obvious how to do that when there are solar panels on the rooftop. So, how do you ensure...

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Technology Snapshot: Battery Types & Performance

Posted: 07, 12, 2017

By Dr Michael Wrinch

Energy storage technologies such as electro-chemical batteries are some of the most watched innovations in the world.  For this reason I put together 

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5 considerations for safe motion controlled machines

Posted: 08, 11, 2017

By: Dr. Michael Wrinch 

When developing complex motion controlled machines and safety instrumented systems with budgets that reach well into the millions of dollars, a mismatch or design failure would not only be very hazardous to the end-users, but also extremely costly for both our client and...

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