Amusement Park rides engineered for safety. And thrills.

Posted April, 04, 2016


Amusement park ride with rails Our client, an international developer of amusement parks, has contracted with Hedgehog Technologies to support the creative concept of a new ride design with necessary electrical systems engineered to the highest safety standards.


The project:

 To design and supply the Ride Control System and Energy System in our client's new theme park ride. The ride system will be constructed on the site of an old theme park prepared to green-field condition. The ride will consist of theme elements, vehicles, and rail track to provide the experience of fast movement and adventure.  

Hedgehog Technologies is completing the electrical systems for the  ride power system:

  • Buss bar and vehicle mount Design and Supply
  • Buss bar contactor for control and braking Design and Supply
  • Power converter Design and Supply

 Electrical engineering challenges:

  • Safety design: to consider all the potential mechanical and control equipment failure scenarios, including the ones that are almost certain to never happen over the life of the system.
  • Control philosophy: Support controls design for a failsafe ride, while maintaining the integrity of the ride narrative and  theme
  • International electrical  standards and wiring regulations
  • DC power ride system


  • Amusement Park ride design to completion: six months
  • Hedgehog Technologies ride control system design/install/test: six months


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